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My name is Laura Grimaldi, and I am an Italian artists based in USA.
During my life, I explored art in its different fields: together with painting, I worked as puppeteer, costume assistant and set designer both for theaters and TV programs.
But I also love writing, reading and drawing comics!

The analogy between art and journeying is at the moment one of my biggest sources of inspiration: I use my personal experience of leaving my birthplace for a new continent in order to reflect on the global phenomenon of migration, a major event of our time.
The alarming news coming from Europe about the restrictive policies enforced against migrants who cross the Mediterranean Sea, pushed me to develop an artistic project, whose purpose is to create a dialogue meant to promote integration.
I believe that reflecting on what immigrants bring with them in terms of culture and personal experiences is a way to facilitate and promote integration and to defeat intolerance.

So, in my blog I will talk a lot about migration, but also I will talk about art in general, sharing my reflections and telling you my experiences. I will tell you stories from the world: stories of art, politics and life. The best way I can express my thoughts is through my paintings, comics, tales… so, the only thing we have to do is unfurling the sails of art to enjoy our journey through life, beyond the borders.
Let’s go!

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Laura Grimaldi