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13312918_1145905782140817_49715791304299695_n - CopiaArt is meaning, therapy, pagan poetry. Art is a journey, wandering rich in exploration, destinations, encounters.

The analogy between art and journeying is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

In my latest paintings, I use my personal experience of leaving my birthplace for a new continent, in order to reflect on the global phenomenon of migration, a major event of our time. I translate on canvas inner images, sprouting up from some of the biggest questions of our global society. I pull these images out of newspapers, as well as from different landscapes that have been my homes during my life. I pull them out of people’s daily lives, from faces of immigrants walking through the streets of the world, from words whispered subconscious and finding oneiric images, I explore creative techniques inspired by the Surrealists. In this way, I become the spectator of my own creative process. Every artwork becomes an actual journey, whose meaning will be unveiled only after reaching the shore.

Exile- Acrylic on canvas

Laura Grimaldi is an Italian painter, puppeteer, and musician. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Set Designing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She worked in a famous marionettes theater until 2014, when she moved to North Carolina. Here, Laura became involved as a studio artist, puppeteer, and musician with the Paperhand Puppet Intervention Company.




Laura is a member of the Orange County Artists Guild, and of the Durham Art Guild.

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At the Paperhand Puppet Intervention studio. Picture: Martique Lorray