EXILE: the beginning of a journey

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“Exile” is the painting that launched my journey through the theme of the Mediterranean migration crisis. Continue reading “EXILE: the beginning of a journey”

Jamil’s Dream

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Jamil’s dream

(Tales from the Mediterranean Sea)

December 20th. Jamil has just turned six. After reaching the beach and seeing the sea for the first time, Jamil is amazed by its beauty: the colors, the scent, the sound of the waves. And then he gets on that big boat. Big, yes, but always smaller, as it gets more and more crowded. Men, women, children. There are many children, and Jamil is happy: he will play with them during the trip. Amal, yumma, his mother, already explained to him that the journey is going to be long, and that he must behave well, just as she taught him.

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Questo blog: chi e…perchè?

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I mio nome  è Laura Grimaldi , e sono una artista italiana che vive negli Stati Uniti.
Mi è sempre piaciuto sperimentare diverse forme di espressione artistica, e nella mia vita ho esplorato diversi campi dell’arte: sono stata (e lo sono ancora) una pittrice, scenografa, marionettista e musicista.
Ma adoro anche scrivere, leggere e disegnare fumetti.

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Who and why

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My name is Laura Grimaldi, and I am an Italian artists based in USA.
During my life, I explored art in its different fields: together with painting, I worked as puppeteer, costume assistant and set designer both for theaters and TV programs.
But I also love writing, reading and drawing comics!

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