Beauty and “The Beast”

“Totalitarianism has many faces, many names, but don’t be fooled. Know how to recognize it and counter it. You will often find it very close to you. It might even look like you. Doing things that seem to be innocuous: yes, the tyrant may even seem nice to you, while he smiles at the camera and shares photos of an unhealthy meal with you.”

Laura Grimaldi presents her painting “The Beast”

By Laura Grimaldi. English translation edited by Christine Martinez

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Beauty and “The Beast”: Neo-fascism and Resistance Movements in the Digital Age

Pertini: You see, I am faithful to Voltaire’s precept, and it is this … I say to my opponents: “I fight your faith which is contrary to mine, but I am ready to fight up to the price of my own life so that you can always freely express your thoughts.”

Here’s what my position is. I mean, although I am not a believer, I respect the faith of believers. For example, I am a socialist, but I respect the political faith of others: I discuss it, I can argue with them. But they are the owners of their thoughts, which they have to freely express. That is, I am democratic in this sense. Really.

Journalist: Do you also respect the political faith of fascists?

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Questo blog: chi e…perchè?

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I mio nome  è Laura Grimaldi , e sono una artista italiana che vive negli Stati Uniti.
Mi è sempre piaciuto sperimentare diverse forme di espressione artistica, e nella mia vita ho esplorato diversi campi dell’arte: sono stata (e lo sono ancora) una pittrice, scenografa, marionettista e musicista.
Ma adoro anche scrivere, leggere e disegnare fumetti.

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