Music bio

Laura Grimaldi is a singer of Mediterranean, and Italian folk and traditional music. She is also a Doumbek player, and plays the Italian traditional frame drum.

In Italy, Laura played music with several theater projects and folk music bands, including the multi-ethnic band Takadum Orchestra.


After moving from Italy to North Carolina, she became involved with the Paperhand Puppet Intervention Company both as a musician and as a puppeteer, and developed several music projects with musicians of the area: in 2015 she founded, alongside Robbie Link, the Malarazza band (Italian folk and traditional music), and collaborates with Jennifer Curtis and the Melodic Refuge Orchestra.

Listen to….

Laura Grimaldi and the Malarazza Band on radio:

Audio Player

Malarazza Band in concert

Laura Grimaldi and Jennifer Curtis:

Laura Grimaldi and the dancer Gabriel Martinez:

Laura Grimaldi and the Takadum Orchestra:


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