Theatre bio

Laura Grimaldi graduated in Set Designing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy, the city where she also lived for 12 years, and where she had the opportunity to work in the field that she loves.

Laura lived and worked in Rome until August 2014, when she and her husband moved to North Carolina.

After the bachelor degree, she discovered the passion for Puppetry, working in a well-known theater in Rome with a long tradition. The theater, known as ‘Accettella Marionettes Theater’, was established immediately after the Second World War, and here, the owners preserve more than 500 antique and modern marionettes.

During her collaboration with the ‘Accettella Theater’, she both performed on stage, and maintained the marionettes. In that theater, in fact, every member of the staff used to be, in turn, a Puppeteer, Puppet Maker, Set designer, Costumer, Scriptwriter, Director, Musician, and restorer of antique marionettes. That is the way Laura loves to work: thinking about the show as a whole.
The Accettella family brought the shows, not only around Italy, but also around the world. With them, Laura organized theater workshops in schools, where she taught children how to make puppets and how to perform with them. Finally, she  attended the oncological ward of children’s hospitals, where children enjoyed the relief of playing with puppets and learning about their story.


During her career, she also had experiences as a Costumer Assistant in TV, but theater is the place where she prefers to let her imagination go wild.

After moving from Italy to North Carolina in 2014, she became involved with the Paperhand Puppet Intervention Company  as studio artist, puppeteer and musician. She enjoys painting, sculpting and performing for this company, which has been a complete and wonderful artistic experience.

Picture: Martique Lorray