Theatre bio

Working on big horned owls at Paperhand's
The whole Accettella Theatre photoshoot is by Silvia Pierattini. All Rights Reserved.

Laura Grimaldi graduated in Set Designing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy. After her bachelor degree, she discovered the passion for Puppetry working in Rome, Italy, in a well-known theater with a long tradition. The theater, known as ‘Accettella Marionettes Theater’, was established immediately after the Second World War, and here, the owners preserve more than 500 between antique and modern marionettes.

DSC_0109During her collaboration with the ‘Accettella Theater’ she was, in turn, a puppeteer, puppet maker, set designer, costumer, scriptwriter, director, musician, and restorer of antique marionettes. That is the way Laura loves to work: thinking about the show as a whole.

Picture: Martique Lorray. All Rights Reserved.
Picture: Martique Lorray. All Rights Reserved.



After moving from Italy to North Carolina in 2014, she became involved as studio artist, puppeteer, and musician with the Paperhand Puppet Intervention Company, painting, sculpting, performing, and enjoying a complete and meaningful artistic experience with them until 2018.

Painting at Paperhand’s studio. Picture: Martique Lorray. All Rights Reserved.