Doumbek lessons

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The Darabuka, or Doumbek, or Tablah, is a single head membranophone with a goblet shaped body mainly used in Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe. Belly dancers, now popular worldwide, usually dance following the rhythm and variations of Darabuka players.

There is a great variety of Darabuka rhythms, a variety which constitutes the basis for the folkloric and modern music styles of the Middle East and of a huge part of the Mediterranean basin.

229919_4089472804200_971525149_n (1) (2)The program:

I teach how to play a Darabuka stroke by stroke, introducing students to the main Middle Eastern rhythms, and leading both the individual student and the group to share an exciting, synergistic cooperation.

The program is open to beginners and intermediate students.

Learning the Doumbek requires passion for percussion instruments, as well as discipline and patience.

Students will learn how to play the Doumbek with the Egyptian technique, and through the use of it, they will learn how to play the main rhythms.

They will acquire both the theoretical knowledge, and the physical ability of their hands, through the exercises that the teacher will recommend while following the students step by step.

I offer individual and group classes in the area of Lawrence KS. Skype lessons also available.

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